Who is an El Granada Mom Anyway?

My new and expanded business is borne from the death of my marriage.  This is my story.  Almost exactly a year ago, my husband came home after an after-work happy hour and announced he was very unhappy and it was due to our relationship.  This was big and out of the blue.  He had some complaints about us and more about me, one of which was that I dress like an “El Granada Mom”.

My first thought was that I can fix all of these things immediately and save our marriage, and, what the hell does “dress like an ‘El Granada Mom’” mean anyway?  I believe it meant that he was no longer attracted to me, no longer loved me and that I was not nearly as young, sexy or attractive as the girl at the office.  Perhaps I wore my fleece and ball cap too often.  I didn’t look that bad without makeup, did I?  I dressed for kid-friendly activities, chores, the park, the beach and the sunny foggy drizzly combo of the coast.  I dressed for my purpose: a stay at home mom.  No, I didn’t put on my lipstick at 6:45pm in time for his arrival; I was too busy getting dinner on the table.  Maybe I was in a rut because I wasn’t getting the attention I wanted…if only he would kiss me when he walked in the door, or tell me I looked pretty, or take me, alone, out to dinner, or talk to me instead of watching tv…I dressed up when we went out as a family, but on a day to day basis I was basic.  I could do better, I’m not perfect.  But my heart was true.

So what does it mean to be an El Granada Mom?  What was at first a derogatory comment about how I look has ended up being the inspiration for my new life.  It means that I am a creative, joyful, and inspired mom.  I want to raise my son, focus on the things that are important to me and have a fulfilling business.  I may be a lousy housekeeper and a procrastinator, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good wife or partner.  I can spruce myself up and look great, but just because I don’t some days does not mean I’m unlovable or not a good person.  I love style and fashion and having my hair and nails done, but often other things take the forefront.

I am me.  JOY!

Sixteen years together, nine of those married, ended in a shocking snap.  I’m now crafting my new life as a single mom and I want to share my experiences and hopefully make a connection with you.  I’m happy and proud that I’m an El Granada Mom!  I make hats and want my “respectable hobby” to be my “respectable business”.  Check back here for more of my story.  I spoiled the ending but the middle is really good.  I can’t make this stuff up!