Making Stuff

I get my artsy fartsy side from my mom and dad. They are so creative and love to make things. My dad is a great artist and has a computer-like brain. He’s a woodworker, a painter, he can figure stuff out, design things, make anything…but I can still beat him at Jumble. My mom is creative and inspired, can do any craft, sew, needlework, hook rugs, arrange décor, you name it. She loves to take photos of her décor and once made a video tour of her house, so great and hilarious! Some of my favorite memories from growing up are sewing Barbie doll clothes and doing needlework with mom, painting our favorite characters on the basement walls, and working with dad in his basement workshop. From this came family room end-tables made out of tall Budweiser beer cans, decoupage pictures on the walls, Tiffany-style lamps hanging in the breakfast room, and my favorite homemade clothes. All of this to me this was normal. I thought everyone’s family made stuff. Lots did, but I grew to realize our family was special that way. We all make stuff to this day.

Check back here! I’ll be sharing some of our projects with you.

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