Heidi Klum – “in an instant”

Got my package of beauty products!  They arrived much sooner than I expected; they must have smelled the desperation in the tequila.  I’m gonna look younger “in an instant”…

I never followed the discipline of always removing my makeup at night (“even if you’re drunk” you should says Stevie Nicks), or wearing sunscreen all the time, or just plain staying out of the sun, no way.  And it’s not that I mind aging, but I think this last year took a toll on me.  My skin could use some help right now!

So, this morning I started my “in and instant” regime.  I gently cleansed my face with the foam, applied 2 squirts of the serum as directed, and used the magic wrinkle smoothing pen on my laugh lines.  Unfortunately I slept really hard on the right side of my face and the bed sheet marks are pretty prominent; I’ll need an actual iron for those.


The Magic

So far I like the cleanser, and I’m sure I won’t be able to tell for a few weeks if the serum is smoothing out my skin.  As for the magic pen, it smoothed one line on my forehead, partially, and seemed to soften the outer eye area, yes, the crow’s feet, but I’m also trying not to have any expression so it won’t spring back.  It has the consistency of spackle, so I get the concept.

After ~ that's me on the left

My skin does feel great; it looks really smooth and nice…could be the pink shirt I’m wearing and the candlelight I’m using instead of harsh lightbulbs…

I’ll give this a try for the month and update you later!