My son Jack is seven and he’s my joy!  I call him My Little Dude.  I used to call him Jackie Boo Boo but can no longer do that in public.


We have a great life here and we absolutely love the coastside.  Coming from Kansas, smack dab in the middle of the U.S., I decided I must live by the ocean if I’m going to live out here in California.  So, 20 or so miles south of San Francisco is my beautiful world.  I do not take this ocean view, this climate, and this peaceful area for granted.  It is just plain wonderful, gorgeous and inspiring.  And, you need a hat here.  See, it can be sunny or foggy, you need protection.  One of our favorite things to do here is cross the highway over to Princeton Harbor.  Jack scooters like a madman along the pier, Wolfie barks crazily and spins like the Tasmanian Devil on his leash and I follow along enjoying the view.  I must have taken hundreds of photos here; each day looks unique.  After we tour the harbor and check out the fishermen’s hauls, we love to stop at Ketch Joanne’s for a bite.

“The Ketch” serves up great food, it’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so nice there.  Jack gets the pancakes and I go for the scrambled eggs and bacon or the crab sandwich depending on the time of day.  My new favorite there is the reuben, yum!

Check back here!  I’ll be sharing our coastside treasures with you.

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